ANNOUNCEMENT International Prize 2015
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            It will be held in Spoleto on 11 July 2015, the sixth edition of the international prize "Spoleto Art Festival 2015". The prize includes three sections on the arts: painting, sculpture and photography, and is organized by the European Institute for Training (IEFO) in collaboration with the International Association Young Europeans and numerous foundations, institutions and experts. As for the Spoleto Festival Art Literature prize will take place on September 28, 2015.
1) To participate in the international prize “Spoletofestivalart” you can choose one of the three sections into which the exhibition is divided: a) Painting b) sculpture c) photograph, with regard to the Spoleto Festival Art Literature Prize will be established a special commission led by ‘adv. Sagnelli Angelo.
2) All participants who have joined the award (you can participate in only one session) will be entitled to the publication of an official journal of the page booby prize to attend the prize-giving event to be held in Spoleto in the day Saturday, July 11, 2015.
3) The first 50 artists for painting, sculpture and the first 10 to 30 for photography, will be entitled to free participation in the international touring exhibition that will take place in Spoleto in the month of June-July and at prestigious hotel locations in other regions Italian: Siena, Perugia, Milan, Brussels.
4) For the selection of works will be appointed as a technical-scientific committee that will award the prizes in a final.
5) The works, which will participate in the exhibitions will be returned at the end of the exhibitions.
6) Acceptance of the prize rules and the authorization to the processing of personal data and essential part of participation in the Spoleto Festival Art Prize 2015.
7) The organizing committee will appoint a committee of experts chaired by Artistic Director Maestro Prof. Alessandro Trotti, who can assign some special awards for special reasons, up to a maximum of 5.
8) How to join: The artists and authors are invited to participate or you can invite car with the procedures of a curriculum or a catalog, motivational letter. If the Commission accepts the application the subject may pay the registration fee of 130 Euro (painting, sculpture and photography), Euro 25 (literature), which give the right to the presence in their respective publications of Spoleto Art Festival 2015 and participate in the closing ceremonies and the activities related to the event. For the literature refer to the specific announcement curated by Artistic Director Spoleto Art Festival 2015 - Literature lawyer. Sagnelli Angelo.
9) To participate in the international Spoleto Festival Art Prize 2015 is necessary to send in original artwork and photography in and pay the registration fee of € 130.00 on postal c / n 16329062 headed AAS. IL DUCATO via Bazzanese 17E Spoleto, or the fee can be soldered with non-transferable check alternatively by check payable to the same organization and the same amount. The works and photos can be sent by 05/31/2015 ASS. IL DUCATO, Mazzini 47, Spoleto (Italy) cap 06049.
10) The theme of the performance is free and should give and idea of the identity of the technical characteristics of the artist.
11) With regard to the literature are establishing three sub-sections: poetry, short stories and writings free.
12) Limitations: With regard to painting and sculpture works are accepted with measurements not exceeding 180×120 cm 100 for painting and sculpture.
13) Publications: All members of the Award will be eligible to participate in the publication of the book Spoleto Festival Art Prize 2015, and the special book Spoleto Festival Art Prize in Literature.
European Institute for Training
The President:
Prof. Luca Filipponi
Ass. Cultural IL DUCATO
The President:
Prof.Luca Filipponi
Artistic Director:
Maestro Prof. Alessandro Trotti
Director of criticism and communication:
Prof. Giammarco Puntelli
Chairman Committee of the Award:
Maestro Prof. Sandro Bini
INFO: Telefax: 0743/221436 Tel.347-5353004
or the Secretary General of the Spoleto Festival Art Prize
Art and Literature. 347-4137208
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