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         Spoleto Festival Art announces the S.V. that the project Spoleto Meeting Art in 2015, will carry out a billboard with all the names of the artists in this project and a numbered catalog 2015 (distribution A. Knopf), both of which will be visible throughout the 2015.Spoleto Art2015 Meeting will be presented in December 2014 in Brussels.
         Hereby, Spoleto ART FESTIVAL, gives the call to SV for participation in this project which consists of the great masters of contemporary events, in group exhibitions, solo shows, in comparison to the masters of artists and provides for the following disciplines:
Solo exhibitions with the participation of 30 works in the catalog and Publishing billboard with eight pages
EXHIBITIONS MASTERS IN COMPARISON with the participation of 15 works (for any artist artists max 2) Publication on the billboard and catalog with four pages for each artist
         Spoleto MEETING ART exhibition. The Spoleto Art Meeting will edit the catalog that can be inserted all the artists who make at least one stage. For the insertion of the artists who will perform at least one stage is a promotional price for two pages with payment within 20 November 2014 catalog contribution and commitment to participate in a stage.
• Artists who join with painting, will participate with six (6) works, or for those wishing to participate with three (3) works 1,00mt maximum dimensions x 1,40mt to work
• The artists who will join with the sculpture can participate with three (3) works - up to a maximum height 1,60mt
• Artists who join the Photography / graphic art, graphic art, illustration, can participate with a total of twelve (12) works -measures maximum 30cm x 40cm photo.
• Artists who join with the Digital Art installations can participate with maximum dimensions 3m x 3m
Spoleto Art Project Meeting will take place in the historic houses of the city of Spoleto, Amelia, Assisi, Rome, Bordighera, Torniparte (Aq), along with the mayor Dr. U. Gianmaria and Prof. Luca Filipponi, we will launch a new art museum contemporary and a new theater in Brussels in the halls of the European Parliament, of the 96th Seminar of the European Institute Course Europanews Iefo Brussels 10-11-12 December 2014 and 14 December 2014 solo exhibition from 15 January year 2015.
The artists involved in this communication path must confirm their participation by November 20, 2014, everything must be received in the time indicated above in order to activate within a reasonable time, the engine bureaucratic and promotional.
Where is interested in one or more events, please contact Paola Biadetti Director of Marketing and External Relations tel +39 3474137208 spoletofestivalart@virgilio.it - We hope your interest so that we can promote your art with Spoleto Festival Art, thank you for your attention and, trusting in a prompt and positive response, we send our most regards.
The President
Prof. Luca Filipponi
www.agenziaeuropanews.com www.spoletofestivalart.com www.ilcaffeletterario.org