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Inizio 15 Luglio 2015 fine Agosto 2015
         The European Youth Association , in collaboration with the European Institute for Training and Orientation , organizes the ” Masters in Technical Communication and modern and contemporary art ” with a specialization in international art movements .The course is structured on a new teaching methodology based on synergic activities and dynamics , “practice simulation” and extra-curricular activities with the primary purpose to integrate and consolidate the skills and professionalism through intellectual knowledge of an operational nature.
         The curriculum and the various educational activities of the master were designed with the intent to convey to the learner as the global change of the organizational system , the research and technology dissemination to condition the activity of the contemporary and the other professional support .
          So this teaching is to give confidential information and in-depth professional knowledge that will be useful to deal with the working environment of modern and contemporary art in its different areas and segmentations .
         The Master aims to provide effective tools for the study and analysis of the dynamics of European and international , as well as to guide students in the new tasks of planning , management and coordination of activities related to the modern and contemporary art sectors to be looking at the different points of view : the organizer of cultural events, exhibition and director of museums, artists, professionals, artists in the new emerging arts teachers in the arts .
         This training proposal aims to train experts for operational implementation of modern and contemporary art by a mixture of two basic elements mentioned in the title : the art technique and artistic communication . These two aspects are two different sides of the same coin and both appear to be critical to the success of professional life in the arts . The technique since it turns out to be the basic element , which is the essence of each artist or other professional sector ( knowing how to do properly ) , communication as there can be no true art without adequate communication and in a certain sense , according to some scholars , the ability to communicate in some way falls in the same operator’s artistic skills and attitudes .
         To this end, the Master is based on a series of activities relating to disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects , such as simulations , analysis of case studies and exercises that will take place during class and , secondly , includes various extra-curricular activities ( study visits , seminars deepening and workshops) times to take on a complementary role to the theoretical knowledge of the course.
         The Master will start in the month of July 2015 and will be divided as follows:
- Lessons included seminars (170 ) hours ;
- Study in Distance Learning (ODL ) 24 hours;
- Stage ( and any optional) 250 hours ;
- Study visit important Italian museums of contemporary art ( and any optional Vittoriano in Rome or the Pitti Palace in Florence , European Parliament, Brussels ) 56 hours
         Classes will be held in Spoleto at the Palazzo Mauri ( Municipal Library ) and other historic homes in the City Festival , daily from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 (communication) and from 15 hours , 00 to 19.00 (technique) , in such a way as to allow the frequency (required for 70 % of the lessons ) at all, thus including university students and workers. Classes will be held by the following professors :
• Dott. Marcello Bemporad (Director of ” STEAM ” - Project Opportunity Regions of Europe)
• M° prof. Alessandro Trotti ( ordinary professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the Central Academy of Pechino)
• Maestro prof. Gianpaolo Berto ( Professor Academy of Fine Arts in Rome )
• Maestro Prof. Sandro Bini (Artist and coordinator of the school of painting of the city of Terni )
• With the special participation and seminars of Prof. Francesco Gallo Ordinary Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Via Ripetta Critic and Writer
• Avv.Sergio Sbarra ( V.Presidente European Institute )
• Annamaria Polidori (Artist , founder and director of the cultural center Polidarte )
• Dr. John Iaconisi (Professor and expert on EU sectoral policies )
• Dott. Alfonso Marchese ( writer, journalist , editor-in- chief of the newspaper ” Il Messaggero” )
• Avv. Lorenzo di Dieco ( Expert in international mobility and Information Law )
• Maestro Dr. Ma Lin (Artist expert in modern and contemporary art )
• Dott.Emidio Di Carlo (Founder and Director of Abruzzo Az 60 Tesatata expert in organizing cultural and artistic events , art critic)
• Prof. Luca Filipponi ( Lecturer in Economics and Politics of the European Union - President of Europe News Network and the Foundation Spoletofestivalart )
• Dott. Francesco Ansidei (Founder and director of the contemporary art gallery ” Art Centre Pan” and the ass. Cultural Montemarte )
• Prof.Giammarco Puntelli (art critic , journalist and lecturer universitatio in arts and social communication , artistic director of the international Spoleto International Art Fair )
• Dr. Piergiorgio Di Clemente ( Expert in Community policies and institutional communication )
• Prof. Giuseppe Catapano (Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the European and Catapano Publishers
• Prof. Sandrino Aquilani ( Poet and literary critic, President of the Biennale di Venezia poetry )
• Mr. Angelo Sagnelli ( poet , literary critic and broadcaster )
• Dr. Luciano Lepri ( Opinionist , journalist and literary critic )
• Prof. Franco Bellardi (Artist and president of the ” Medal of the back ” )
• Dr. Hawa Said ( art expert and president of the Cultural Artemiro )
• Prof. Antonella Lagana (Artist and expert in contemporary art )
• Dr. Daniel Taddei ( collector and expert in organization of cultural and artistic events )
• Dr. Roberto Girardi (Director of the gallery Artinvest of Turin)
• Dr. Jean Luc Bertoni ( Journalist and Chairman of the art center Minerva )
• Prof.luciano Preti (Artist , sculptor and professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence )
• Dr. Valerio Giuffre (Artist , writer and lecturer in philosophy )
• Prof. Carlo Roberto Sciascia ( Curator and art critic)
• Dr.Paola Biadetti (Member vice President Bureau Cultural Foundation Iefo )
• Maestro Sergio Gonzo (Artist and president of the cultural center ” The Museum ” )
• Prof.Silvio Craia (Artist and teacher in art and artistic disciplines )
• Dott.Catia Monacelli (Curator and art critic, director of the Museums of Gualdo Tadino )
• Dott.Robero Salvini journalist and director of
         Registration will be open until ” and managed by the Association of Young Europeans ( Corso Mazzini 47 Spoleto) .
The selection consists of the evaluation of a curriculum vitae and the presentation of a teacher or other school academy of art , or in special cases a motivational letter of the same candidate.
         The lessons should be closed by the end of August 2015 , with the writing of a research thesis on one of the topics covered in the classroom or during the seminars to be held during the teaching activity . The Master’s thesis based on the performance of one or more works by the artist carried out according to a particular experimental technique and / or in writing, collections or term papers on topics of cultural interest, pertaining to the activity of the training course .
         It requires a mandatory frequency equal to 70 % of the total amount of hours. The release of the Diploma will be subject to compliance with the minimum parameters of frequency , in addition to passing the test at the end of one or more modules , and a multiple choise test , scheduled for the end of the course. The Master is reserved for a maximum of 100 people, and a minimum of 20  in order to ensure a high quality service .
         Pre-registration for the Master is free and will end on 30 05 2015. For the prescription you need to send only the
application form , which you can find in the site including updated CV , degree certificate (or certificate of enrollment at the University examinations passed or drawn indication of the learning experiences and or working in the sector) and any certificates language or past experiences.
        Only those who pass the selection will be able to enroll in the Masters and pay the fee for the registration. Equal to € 2000,00 which includes accommodation in Spoleto for 45 days , and classroom exercises , teaching materials, group exhibition at the museum or at the end of the course historic home of the city of Spoleto. The payment can take place through or deferred -interest loan designed to train .
         The Master Program :
• Participation in educational activities and seminars promoted by young Europeans and the Spoletofestivalart .
• The issue of a Master’s Degree in ” Masters in Technical Communication and modern and contemporary art ” with a specialization in international art movements “on the part of the ‘ European Youth Association , in collaboration with the European Institute for Training and for the ‘ Orientation and the Foundation IEFO (European Institute for Training and Orientation ) and the EPO ( European Parliamentary Observatory ) .
• The ability to carry out a study visit (presumably in mid- course ) in Brussels for 4 days, at the Community institutions and international NGOs (cost € 300.00 ) that includes flight, visits , and the 3 star hotel , room only . Participation is voluntary , and registration will be open during the academic period ( first half ) .
• The ability to perform from 3 to 12 months Stage at:
• EURISPES ( Rome) - Center studies and market research.
• Medialux Consulting Ltd. ( Spoleto) - Research and Vocational Training.
• International Study Centre ” Foundation IUCE ” (Rome ) - study center specializing in the management and design of European and international projects .
• ARS Consulting Ltd. ( Spoleto) - Organization of International Expo and events .
• International Association “Young Europeans” - Association specializes in international cultural exchanges , internships, and cultural events within the EU and internationally.
• Art Studio and Gallery Eclectic Spoleto
• Umbria Training Center ( Scheggino - PG ) - Association specializes in the design community and cultural exchanges
• GSI - NGO Group for International Solidarity ( Spoleto) - Non-governmental specialized in the design of European funds in the field of international and non-profit organizations and international cooperation
• Cesvol (Terni ) - Service Centre for Volunteering
• Study of Art and the School of Specialization of Maestro Sandro Bini
• The European Study Center (Bolzano) - Cultural Association specializes in the design and management of international events, education and European culture
• Cultural Foundation Spoletofestivalart Spoleto
• Province of Perugia - Info -Point Europe (sec. Spoleto) and Rocca Paolina Pg
• Foundation Di Paolo Rome
• City of Spoleto - Department of Culture and the Biblioteca Comunale
• IEFO - European Institute for Training and Orientation (Rome- Spoleto)
• Foundation IUCE -Rome- Milan
• Cultural and Associazioen Artisìca Montemarte (Terni )
• OPE Observatory MEP and of the Council of Europe (Rome-
• Center for Legal Studies SNARP (Rome)
• OPE ( European Parliamentary Observatory )
• Locations of public libraries, regional and national
• Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art all over the national territory
• Artinvest Gallery Turin
• Museums of Fyvie and Gubbio Pg
• International Award Communicating Europe Rome Brussels
For further information , please contact us at the following numbers: tel / fax 0743 / 221436 (opening hours: 9:30-13 , 16-19)
Director of Studies Maestro Prof. Alessandro Trotti
Academic Coordinator M° Prof. Sandro Bini
Italy -China relations and external relations Maestro Ma Lin
Organization and marketing Dr. Paola Biadetti
President of the Foundation IEFO Prof. Luca Filipponi
Prof. Luca Filipponi +39 347/5353004 ;
Paola Biadetti +39 347/4137208 - 0743 / 221436 ;